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2023 International Congress Topic Suggestions

You are encouraged to work with colleagues when developing your proposal, but please be aware that the Congress Scientific Program Committee (CSPC) may merge overlapping proposals and/or modify topics as needed. The final program will be determined by the MDS Congress Scientific Program Committee, and faculty invitations sent directly by MDS for approved sessions.

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Anatomy & neuropathology
Autonomic nervous system
Case-based studies
Cellular and molecular biology
Clinical examination & phenomenology
Clinical trials
Cognitive functions & neuropsychology
Molecular biology & biochemistry
Palliative care
Physiology & pathophysiology
Quality of life
Rating scales
Treatment: Other
Treatment: Pharmacological
Treatment: Surgery
Primary Disease Category*

Please choose the primary disease category for this topic suggestion

Cognitive disorders
Drug-induced and other iatrogenic disorders
Functional movement disorders
Hyperkinetic movement disorders
Movement disorders (multiple / general)
Parkinson syndromes
Parkinson's disease
Pediatric disorders
Psychiatric disorders
Rare movement disorders
Sleep disorders
Tics & Tourette syndrome
Secondary Disease Category

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(Example: autoimmune, pathophysiology, Tourette syndrome)


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Session Type*

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Parallel Sessions: These concurrent sessions provide an in-depth summary of new clinical and basic research findings, state-of-the-art treatment options, and future strategies on a variety of focused topics within the field of Movement Disorders.

Plenary Sessions: These sessions provide an overview of the latest clinical and basic science research findings and state-of-the-art information relating to topics of broad interest within the field of Movement Disorders.

Skills Workshops: These concurrent sessions provide practical illustrations of clinical or scientific techniques relevant to the field of Movement Disorders through video examples and equipment demonstrations.

Video Sessions: These concurrent sessions focus on video demonstrations to provide an overview of clinical movement disorders.

Special Topics in Movement Disorders: These interactive sessions address “hot” topics in science or medicine using a variety of different formats that may include lectures, video presentations, and audience interaction.

Proposed Outcomes Upon completion of this proposed session, participants should be able to:

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