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The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS)-sponsored new version of the UPDRS is founded on the critique that was formulated by the Task Force for Rating Scales in Parkinson's disease (Mov Disord 2003;18:738-750). Thereafter, the MDS recruited a Chairperson to organize a program to provide the Movement Disorder community with a new version of the UPDRS that would maintain the overall format of the original UPDRS, but address issues identified in the critique as weaknesses and ambiguities. The Chairperson identified subcommittees with chairs and members. Each part was written by the appropriate subcommittee members and then reviewed and ratified by the entire group. These members are listed below.

The MDS-UPDRS has four parts: Part I (non-motor experiences of daily living), Part II (motor experiences of daily living), Part III (motor examination) and Part IV (motor complications). Part I has two components: IA concerning a number of behaviors that are assessed by the investigator with all pertinent information from patients and caregivers and IB that is completed by the patient with or without the aid of the caregiver, but independently of the investigator. These sections can, however, be reviewed by the rater to ensure that all questions are answered clearly and the rater can help explain any perceived ambiguities. Part II is designed to be a self-administered questionnaire like Part IB, but can be reviewed by the investigator to ensure completeness and clarity. Of note, the official versions of Part IA, Part IB and Part II of the MDS-UPDRS do not have separate on or off ratings. However, for individual programs or protocols the same questions can be used separately for on and off. Part III has instructions for the rater to give or demonstrate to the patient; it is completed by the rater. Part IV has instructions for the rater and also instructions to be read to the patient. This part integrates patient-derived information with the rater's clinical observations and judgments and is completed by the rater.

The authors of this new version are:

Chairperson: Christopher G. Goetz
Part I: Werner Poewe (chair), Bruno Dubois, Anette Schrag
Part II: Matthew B. Stern (chair), Anthony E. Lang, Peter A. LeWitt
Part III: Stanley Fahn (chair), Joseph Jankovic, C. Warren Olanow
Part IV: Pablo Martinez-Martin (chair), Andrew Lees, Olivier Rascol, Bob van Hilten
Development Standards: Glenn T. Stebbins (chair), Robert Holloway, David Nyenhuis
Appendices: Cristina Sampaio (chair), Richard Dodel, Jaime Kulisevsky
Statistical Testing: Barbara Tilley (chair), Sue Leurgans, Jean Teresi
Consultant: Stephanie Shaftman, Nancy LaPelle

Contact person: Christopher G. Goetz, MD
Rush University Medical Center
1725 W. Harrison Street, Suite 755
Chicago, IL USA 60612
Telephone 312-942-8016